Accessories for Your Machine

Whynter 3M Antimicrobial Filter for ARC-14S, ARC-14SH and ARC-143MX

Whynter 3M Antimicrobial Filter

So you’ve just purchased your portable air conditioner and are now enjoying the benefits of a cooler room. Now in most cases that’s it. You don’t have to worry about much other than maintenance and making sure you store your unit in a safe place. In some cases you may want to purchase additional parts or accessories for your unit to increase its performance. Buying accessories isn’t only for improving performance though. They are also used for maintaining your unit as well.

Over time, your unit might not cool as well as it did when you first bought it. Let’s say you haven’t used your portable AC since the previous summer. You turn it on a year later and you realize it’s not doing as good of a job. Before you start thinking that your unit is broken, check to see that all of its parts are clean, attached and working properly before you start calling customer service.

Below is a list of accessories you can purchase to help ensure top performance from your unit every summer or even all year round.



Cleaning your filters regularly is something we already know. Although you can only clean them so many times before you have to replace them. Filters range from $15-$30. Regular filters are usually around $15 and anti-microbial filters usually hover around the $30 range. They both do a good job for your machine but the benefit of anti-microbial filters is they help prevent dirt and other bacteria such as mildew, fungus and mold into your breathing environment.

Whynter Exhaust Hose for AC Model ARC-14S (ARC-EH-14S)

Exhaust Hose

Exhaust Hose

Now sometimes your portable AC unit just needs a couple more inches to clear your window and vent properly. Rather than grab a side table or stool to boost it up, you can always purchase a hose that is slightly longer. You may also just want to purchase a replacement due to wear and tear.

Plastic Window Kit for the Whynter Model ARC-14S (ARC-WK-14SP)

Plastic Window Kit

Additional Window Kit

Your window kit is another accessory that you may want to purchase again. Maybe you moved into a new apartment and the window isn’t the same size. Since some window kits need to be cut down, you may have to purchase another one to adjust to your new window.

Ceiling Vent Kit for Kwikool 6021, 6043, 12023 and 12043

Ceiling Vent Kit

Ceiling Ventilation Kit

Not everybody wants to vent their unit out of their window. This kit provides a great alternative for those that wish to vent through their ceiling instead. You do need to check with your manufacturer to see if they make ceiling kits for your unit, as it’s not something every manufacturer provides.

Security Window Locks with Secure Screw Action

Security Window Locks

Security Window Locks

These are great for securing the window you’ve installed your machine on. They do require you screwing them onto the window, but they are great for anybody using their machine in their office or any publicly accessible area.


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