Amazon Prices: How to Get the Best Deal on Your AC Unit

Watch Amazon's Prices to get the Best Deal!

Watch Amazon’s Prices to get the Best Deal!

As you may already know Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers. From electronics all the way to groceries you can find almost anything you want. Not only do they have brand-new products for sale but they also allow customers to purchase and sell used items as well.

Over the past few months we have kept a close eye on how Amazon updates their prices. Many times, just like any other company Amazon will have a sale around a special holiday or a long weekend. Although, out of the blue you may notice the item you have been watching is suddenly drastically lower than it was the day before (sometimes even a few hours). My initial reaction to this was “Wow I can’t believe the random price drops Amazon is doing”. In some cases prices are going down as much as $100 and I really couldn’t understand why. After some further investigation I have come to realize the reason behind these price drops and how they can help you save money if you keep your eyes open.

While looking at the Amazon product page you will notice to the right underneath the “Add to cart” section a table titled “More Buying Choices”. Under this table you will notice the different prices that this product is being sold for and from which retailers/suppliers. In most cases Amazon uses their own supply and ships from their warehouse. In the event that your item is sold out from Amazon’s warehouse the inventory will be replaced with what’s available in the “More Buying Choices” table. Now when you do a search for that item you’ll notice that the price has either gone up or in most cases dropped down. You still with me?

Now sometimes when the price goes down it can be a little bit deceiving. For example, let’s say your favorite DVD was at a regular price of $30 with free shipping. Then 4 hours later you realize it’s dropped down to $20. But you didn’t realize that shipping now costs $9.99. So while you think you’re getting it cheaper you’re actually getting it for the same price. This isn’t always the case though. I’ve seen many products drop $50 or more yet still offer free shipping from their supplier.

One of the main reasons I believe Amazon’s prices jump so much is because they don’t have a price matching guarantee. (except on their TV’s) Therefore, Amazon is always trying to update their prices to compete with the competition.

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