ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU Portable Home Electric Air Conditioner Review

ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU Portable Home Electric Air Conditioner


ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU – What You Need to Know


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This week we’ve decided to search for a brand we’ve never heard of in an attempt to find a portable AC that delivers quality but at a bargain price. For this we’ve chosen to review the ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU Unit. At first glance you will notice that this machine looks very different when compared to other units. Although after further investigation we have come to realize that this AC unit can do just as good of a job as any other single hose AC of similar BTU size.


ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU – What Is It?


The ARCTICPRO YPC-07C includes three different modes; AC, dehumidifying and also works as a regular fan with three speeds. This unit also comes with a 24 hour on and off timer, remote control, and includes a self-evaporative system. This allows you to continuously cool your room and not constantly worry about drainage. The ARCTICPRO YPC-07C also has a unique omni-directional airflow that is also supported by their “auto swing” technology. This basically helps to distribute the cold throughout your room.


ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU – What I Liked?


First off, what I really liked about the ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU Unit was its size. For a 7,000 BTU machine it’s probably one of the most compact that I’ve ever had the opportunity to use (H=27 in, W=16 in *approx). This is great for anybody who’s looking for a  cooling system but can’t compromise much space in their room. Another major thing that impressed me was the overall noise of this unit. I guess because of its compact design its able to produce less noise than it’s conventionally sized single hose AC competitors. Another interesting feature is if you temporarily don’t require the AC function. You can easily disconnect the hose wheel it to another area of your room and use it as a cooling fan. Since it’s so compact you can place it almost anywhere without having to worry about it taking up too much space within your room.


ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU – What I Didn’t Like?


One big drawback to this machine is its weight. When you look at it online it looks like it probably weighs 40 pounds at most. Although I’ve come to discover that this unit weighs just as much as a conventional single hose unit at approx. 72lbs. If this unit didn’t have wheels it could be a big issue for some buyers.

Overall there weren’t too many problems installing or using the ARCTICPRO YPC-07C. One thing I didn’t like however was its marketing online. On some sites it calls this unit a “portable home electric air conditioner” and when you look at the picture it looks like it doesn’t need to be vented anywhere. Although, upon receiving the item there’s no question that when using the AC function you definitely need to vent it outside or your room will just become a sauna.


ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU – Overall Thoughts?


At the end of the day the ARCTICPRO YPC-07C does an excellent job at cooling small to medium size rooms. Don’t be fooled by its design as this space saving multifunction machine can cool just as well as any other conventional portable air conditioner in its class at a much lower price.


Final Rating:  


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ARCTICPRO YPC-07C 7,000 BTU Portable Home Electric Air Conditioner