Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU Single Hose

Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU

Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU – What You Need to Know


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This is my first time using any products from Danby. I wasn’t too sure what to expect although this 8,000 BTU unit is a popular model and does a good job of cooling. The Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU Unit isn’t too bulky and is capable of cooling rooms up to 200 ft.² (they advertise this unit as being able to cool up to 250 ft.²). The room we tested it in is approximately between 200 and 250 ft.² and had no problem keeping the room cool. The DPAC8KDB has a very compact design and would be ideal for anybody living in an apartment or with a medium-sized family room or living room.


Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU – What is it?

The Danby DPAC8KDB Portable AC is another eco-friendly unit available on the market. It’s a single hose unit that uses R410a refrigerant which helps preserve the ozone layer. It comes with a remote control, has a 24 hour timer and also works as a dehumidifier. This unit also comes with three fan speeds as well to choose from while cooling.

Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU – What I liked?


There’s a few things that I liked about the Danby DPAC8KDB. One thing is once the thermostat reaches its desired temperature, the compressor turns off and only starts again when the temperature starts to rise. This helps cut back on noise and also helps save energy. Another thing that I liked was the drainage system. A lot of units just have a drain plug at the bottom. Although with the Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU Portable AC you can connect a garden hose and stream the drainage into a large bucket or even extend it outdoors. This is great because this way you don’t have to worry as much about draining or cleaning any leaking water from your machine. Lastly, I really liked the size of the unit. It’s not too bulky and I can fit it off to the side or in the corner of my room without it being too noticeable.

Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU – What I didn’t like?


One thing I didn’t like about the DPAC8KDB was I noticed the reading of the temperature on the unit was slightly off by 10 or so degrees. I wasn’t too sure why, although insulating the unit by the hose and by the window helped to display a more accurate reading. Another thing I wasn’t too fond of was the price. At $350 it’s not too expensive for an 8,000 BTU machine, although comparing it to Koldfront’s Ultracool PAC801W equivalent. I would say Koldfront is the better buy in terms of price and cooling effectiveness.

Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU – Overall Thoughts


Overall I think the DPAC8KDB is a great single hose AC for anybody living in an apartment looking to cool a small to medium-sized family room or living room. While also being eco-friendly this unit will help keep your room environmentally safe as well as cool.


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Danby DPAC8KDB 8,000 BTU Single Hose

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