Haier Black & Decker BPC08CJ 8,000 BTU Review (Re-Post)

Haier Black & Decker BPC08CJ 8,000 BTU Single Hose

Haier Black & Decker 8,000 BTU

Haier Black & Decker BPC08CJ 8,000 BTU – What You Need to Know

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The Haier Black & Decker BPC08CJ 8,000 BTU Unit is kind of a hidden gem in my opinion. It’s an older machine that uses a single hose, but it does a really good job of cooling my room and keeping it at a consistent temperature. Not only does it keep the temperature fairly constant during humid days, but it cools your room pretty fast as well. It might not be one of the newest on the market, but it can definitely cool your room just as effectively and at a very affordable price.



What is it?


With the Black & Decker BPC08CJ, you have the options of cooling and dehumidifying any room in your home. It’s an eco-friendly unit that uses R-401a refrigerant and is RoHS compliant. The unit is designed  to work well in small rooms and spaces of up to 125 square feet and doesn’t require large storage space.  This machine also has great dehumidifying capabilities that help to keep away unwanted moisture especially during those really humid days. It’s also equipped with auto evaporative technology, a remote control and works as a regular fan.


What I liked


One of the best things about the BPC08CJ 8,000 BTU Unit is that for it’s price this machine really does a good job of cooling your room. The main reason I went portable was installation. I couldn’t install a window unit and a central AC system was out of the question in my apartment. What I love about this and all portable AC units is that you can move them around to anywhere in your apartment or office with almost no hassle. The Haier Black & Decker BPC08CJ 8,000 BTU Unit also comes with three fan cooling speeds that you can adjust and has a remote control for added convenience.


What I didn’t like


Well, just like any other product out there, the Haier Black & Decker BPC08CJ has its flaws. The biggest complaint I had was the noise. It’s a little louder than most units and might be a bad choice for a light sleeper.  You need to be very careful when setting it up to your window for venting as well. If not secured properly you could be letting heat into your room. You may have to purchase some tape to secure the hoses where they connect to the machine and window kit. Lastly, the fact that you need to manually drain the unit is a pretty big downside. That’s one area where this machine really lacks. Although, if you connect a hose to the machine and drain your excess condensation outside, you may not have to worry about draining anything at all.


Overall Thoughts


Overall this unit does a great job of cooling your room, especially considering it’s a single hosed cooling system. Despite the noise, and manual drainage. This machine provides good performance and a lot of value for your dollar. If you’re looking for a machine that will keep you cold at an affordable price, then this may be what you’re looking for.


Final Rating:  


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Haier Black & Decker BPC08CJ 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner


User Manual:


We’ve received many requests for this manual recently, so we decided to provide a link to download it from our website. If there are any other manuals you would like, just contact us and we will do our best to find it and post it for you.

Haier Black & Decker BPC08CJ User Manual Download