Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner w/ Dehumidifier Review

Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU Single Hose w/ Dehumidifier

Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU

Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU – What You Need to Know


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We have reviewed many Haier portable AC’s on this website, but we haven’t really spoken much about the company itself. Haier is actually a company that was started in China. They started as a refrigerator factory and later moved on to manufacturing more appliances. They are now recognized as one of the leading appliance brands in the world. Before I started looking for my first AC I had never heard of their name. As I did more research I begin to see their name on many different types of AC’s and other appliances. In my experience this company makes very excellent AC’s and very average AC’s as well. This unit however is above average in terms of value and worth looking deeper into.


Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU – What is it?


The CPN11XCJ is a very affordable single hose unit that will cover most medium to large size rooms up to 350 square feet. This unit not only works as an AC but also as a fan (3 speeds) and a dehumidifier (3.75 pints/h). The CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU Unit also comes with auto evaporative technology which allows you to use this unit continuously and not worry about constant drainage. Lastly this machine also comes with a 24 hour timer, remote control and is RoHS compliant.


Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU – What I liked?


With most Haier AC’s we’ve tried, we’ve noticed there isn’t really anything major that stands out about them. They were built to do basically one thing. Cool your room, which they do a very good job at. All round they are very well built and reliable machines. When we tested the Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU Unit we were able to get the temperature in our room (approx. 300 ft.²) down to as low as 64°F (17°C) from 88°F (31°C). Besides cooling I like how this unit is also built eco-friendly and uses R-410A refrigerant. Lastly I did find this unit to be noisy, but it didn’t seem as loud as the other Haier units I’ve owned or tested in the past.


Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU – What I didn’t Like?

One thing I didn’t like about the CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU Unit was I found it took a little longer than normal to set up. Maybe it was just me and my window but it took longer to get everything in place the way I wanted. The other thing was when I first started wheeling the unit around it felt as though the wheels were stuck and not actually spinning. After a little bit of working in though they seem to be fine and haven’t caused any problems since.

Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU – Overall Thoughts

Getting an 11,000 BTU portable AC from Haier at this price is a very good deal in my opinion. There are so many single hose units around the same BTU power that have just as many functions but cost almost $100 more. Whether you’re on a budget or not I think this unit has great value and is worth checking out.


Final Rating:

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