Haier CPRB08XCJ 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

Haier CPRB08XCJ 8000 BTU Single Hose

Haier CPRB08XCJ 8,000 BTU

Haier CPRB08XCJ 8,000 BTU – What You Need to Know


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There are so many manufacturers of fans and AC systems which leaves most people wondering which one is the most effective. I have tested quite a few models of AC’s in the past few years which didn’t meet my expectations, although the Haier CPRB08XCJ 8,000 BTU Unit was very close. Since the price is so low you almost can’t go wrong, unless you are trying to cool a large room. The fact that I can move it with ease to the place of my convenience makes it a perfect choice for me and my colleagues.  I must say that Haier CPRB08XCJ is a good entry into the world of portable air conditioning.

Haier CPRB08XCJ 8,000 BTU What is it?


It is worth knowing that CPRB08XCJ is one unique unit with a cooling power of 8000 BTU over an area of 175 sq. ft. It is a stylish model which fits nicely in houses/apratments or offices. Unlike other units, there are no controls on the actual machine. Instead you have a place holder for a remote which you can detach and program from anywhere within range. The system has energy efficiency ratio of 7.50, rating it in the average range of AC’s. Lastly, the CPRB08XCJ has a mid-range noise level of 47.00dBA and can also act as a regular fan or dehumidifier.

Haier CPRBo8XCJ 8,000 BTU What I liked


I like the fact that the Haier CPRB08XCJ 8,000 BTU Unit can cool a small room up to 200 sq. ft and that it has an auto-evaporative system that drains water through an exhaust hose. It is also user friendly and works quietly within your environment. The installation kit consists of hose adapters, window panel kit, and adapter a window adapter designed to suit sliding, double-hung or casement windows. The feature I liked the most was the option to use it as just a fan when it’s not too hot, as a dehumidifier. This allows you to save on energy when you don’t need the full force of the AC. It also features a 24hr timer so you can just set it and forget it.


Haier CPRB08XCJ 8,000 BTU What I didn’t like


There may be some shortcomings about CPRB08XCJ 8,000 BTU Unit. Most consumers complain about the unit not have programmable buttons. If you lose the remote you’re in trouble.  If you have a tendency to lose remotes you could always keep it in its place holder which is located at the top of the unit. My room mate taped ours there so nobody could “forget where it magically went”.

Installation process also becomes difficult while it seemingly looks simple. I don’t like the fact that this unit doesn’t have a collection bin and I always have to drain the water through a hose.


Haier CPRB08XCJ 8,000 BTU Overall Thoughts


Despite some of the downfalls such as manual drainage, this cooling system is a great buy. If your on the fence and don’t want to spend tons of money, but still want a powerful unit. The Haier CPRB08XCJ is the one to go with.


Final Rating:  


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Haier CPRB08XCJ 8000 BTU Single Hose