Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W 14,000 BTU Single Hose

Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W 14,000 BTU

Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W 14,000 BTU – What you need to know


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The Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W does a great job of cooling your apartment or office space. Out of most units I’ve reviewed it’s probably one of the best for its price and performance.  As with most portable AC’s, it’s easy to move around and doesn’t take up too much space(under 3ft high).  Installation is fairly easy and it also has a 24-hour timer with remote. That way you don’t have to turn it on every time you wake up or come back home from work. Plus it saves energy for when you’re not around. The Ultracool PAC1401W is also quieter than most units with the same amount of BTU’s, which is one reason why this model is so popular.

Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W 14,000 BTU – What is it?


The PAC1401W is actually one of their top award winning products. It is one of the more convenient units due to its size and still provides the same powerful cooling effect as larger units. Not only does it provide AC functions, but it also has a fan mode(3 speeds) and a dehumidifier. At 14,000 BTU, you can expect to cool an area up to 500 sq. ft.(depending on your room)  This model does a pretty good job of not just cooling your space, but doing so fairly quickly.

Koldfront Ultracool 14,000 BTU – What I liked?


What I liked the most about the Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W 14,000 BTU Unit is that even in extreme heat and humidity it was still very good at keeping my apartment cool. It’s also very rare to see a 14,000 BTU single hose unit, especially at this price point. I would usually recommend a dual hose unit at that BTU power, but at this price you can’t really go wrong.

Another good thing about this unit is that it has a self-evaporative system so you don’t have to regularly empty the water from the machine. The interesting thing about this system is it actually blows moisture back into your room so that there is even less water to worry about evaporating. Other than that I liked that the unit is also environmentally friendly and meets RoHS Standards.

Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W 14,000 BTU – What I didn’t like


The big downside I had with this machine was its hose. It has a really hard time staying attached to the unit verses other AC’s we’ve tried. Unless you use some sort of duct or even clear shipping tape, you should be ok. This unit gets a lot of mixed reviews on it’s cooling ability and I believe that this may be part of the reason. Another thing I didn’t like about the PAC1401W’s hose was the length. Apparently this is an issue known by Koldfront. If your window is higher than normal from the ground, you may want to try placing it on a higher surface to help it reach out your window easier.

Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W 14,000 BTU – Overall Thoughts


Honestly there aren’t too many bad things I can say about the Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W. It’s capable of cooling a very large space(even used as a central replacement by some), cools quickly, has multiple functions out of the box and is very small and compact. Despite it’s hose the manufacturer did a great job on this unit and there’s a reason why it’s an award winning product.


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Koldfront Ultracool PAC1401W 14,000 BTU Single Hose

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