When Is A Good Time to Purchase Your AC?

Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU Single Hose w/ Dehumidifier

Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 BTU

When I purchased my first portable AC, I did so in the middle of the summer. I was living in a new apartment and didn’t know what to expect once the summer heat officially hit. As soon as the weather was consistently in the 80’s my apartment was really starting to trap the heat and get hot. At this point I felt like I had no choice. I needed a solution quick and after doing some research online I purchased my first portable AC unit and had it shipped within the same week.

Now the situation I described above probably applies to a lot of people. This past summer we really paid attention to the prices of portable AC units online. As a matter of fact we’ve been watching prices even before this website was first launched. Many of you may be thinking it’s more expensive to purchase during peak season, although this is not true with every manufacturer.

In most cases purchasing off-season or just at the end of the season is usually when you will find the best deals. During peak season when demand is high is generally when manufacturers market their units at regular retail price, with the occasional sale to increase numbers.

First things first Amazon very rarely ever sells the product at regular retail price. As a matter of fact most websites don’t. It’s better marketing to place an X over the retail price and show a lower price as if it’s always on sale. While paying attention to this lowered “sale” price over the past few months we’ve seen some stay consistent, some drop lower than average, and others that have increased.

For an example the Haier CPN12XH9 12,000 BTU Unit was priced at $412 USD back in late February. It is now priced at $449 USD. Over the course of the summer the price did drop back down to approximately $412 and even below but not for very long. Now here’s an opposite example.

The Danby Premiere DPAC12010H 12,000 BTU Unit was introduced with a price tag at $599 USD before the the summer started. It dropped $449 and then a few weeks later raised to $549 all before the summer began. Once summer hit its peak, Danby dropped the price again to $420 and again to $411 (all from amazon with free shipping). Now as summer winds down its price has shot back up to $530 USD.

When it comes to shopping online I think it has less to do with the season and more to do with supply and demand. I’m not sure about other websites but we only sold one or two Danby units throughout the course of the summer. Haier however, didn’t sell an enormous amount but it did sell quite a few more units from our website then Danby.

So you’re probably asking when is the best time to purchase my portable AC unit? To be honest I can’t give a solid answer as to when the best time would be, but I can give you a link to a few tools.

Rather than searching online constantly to check Amazon for deals or even if you want to know if a product is in stock take a look at these two websites. The first is Camelcamelcamel.comThis website is basically a price tracker for Amazon.com. Simply enter the product that you’re looking for, enter your desired price point and start tracking. Once your item has reached your desired price you will receive an e-mail notification. (this doesn’t keep an eye on shipping, so the price could drop but the shipping cost could increase as a result.)

This next tool is something I literally found out about today, it’s called Eyeitforme.comIf an item you want to purchase is currently out of stock you can use this website to notify you of when it finally arrives. The only thing about this site is that you must keep its window open and active. It will notify you by a ringer or siren, but currently doesn’t provide the option to be notified by e-mail. Rather than frequently visiting Amazon.com or constantly hitting the refresh button, this site does it for you so you don’t have to worry.

In conclusion I would say the best thing to do is just keep watching your unit. The tools above should make it easier to get the price you’re looking for and also help cut down the amount of time spent shopping.

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